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Beach improvements promised follow Costa Blanca mayor’s meeting with residents

JOSE MANUEL DOLON, the mayor of Torrevieja, has held a meeting with a number of residents’ representatives to listen to their ongoing concerns.

They came from the southern part of the municipality in Mar Azul, Eliseos Playa, Los Chimos and Playa Verde, and especially talked about the state of the beaches between Cala de Ferrís and La Veleta that are only a few metres away from their homes.

In particular, they want action to be taken to prevent to deterioration of the area as well as improving the access points for all.

In addition, they have asked for greater maintenance of the green areas where they live and improved street cleaning services.

Mayor Dolon said that he would commit himself to visit the areas in question in the company of the councillor responsible for beaches and the municipal biologist to see the issues at first hand and assess what can be done and when.

Also at the same residents’ meeting was one of the heads of the Urban Cleansing Department who has taken note of the requirements of the neighbourhood and has promised to follow them up.

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