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Bus request stop safety initiative trialled for Alicante bonfire

WOMEN returning from the centre of Alicante after taking part in the annual ‘Hogueras’ (Bonfires) fiesta by night bus will be able to get off wherever they wish.

The measure has been introduced to reduce the journey times during the hours when there is more risk to people who would need to walk home from the usual bus stops.

In addition, there will be a number of parking bans in several areas of Alicante with the aim of encouraging more people to use the special shuttle bus services in operation for the duration of what is the 90th anniversary of the famous festival.

The announcement of this initiative was made by the new mayor of Alicante Luis Barcala, who said that the ability for women to get the buses to stop outside their homes is part of a pilot project.

This will affect the 21N and 22N service and will continue throughout the summer. The scheme is part of a series of anti-abuse measures introduced in Alicante to coincide with the start of the fiesta and tourist season to allow people, and especially women, to enjoy their nights out without any dangers.

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