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Chaos at Malaga Airport’s passport control causes outrage

ALTHOUGH passengers arrived at Malaga Airport on time and passed through security checks quickly, they were horrified to discover huge queues at passport control today (Thursday).

There was no explanation for the reason for the delay although two new lanes were opened in departure area C but according to passenger Tom Solan who was due to travel to Dublin on Ryanair flight FR7045, everything was chaotic and there was just one airport official visible, trying to handle matters.

Tom was one of the lucky ones and got through 20 minutes before the flight was due to depart but when he boarded the aircraft, it wasn’t even half full.

Although Ryanair are renowned for not delaying their aircraft departure, it would appear that there were so many missing passengers that they had to as trying to unload baggage would be even more difficult.

In the end, the flight took off late but made some time up and touched down in Dublin just under half an hour later than scheduled.

Having made a complaint whilst waiting for the flight to take off, Tom received the following emailed explanation from the airport authorities;

We sincerely regret any inconvenience and please accept our apologies.

We work with the Spanish Police to reduce the waiting time.

At the present time, we are reuniting the border controls in a process of modernization in order to adapt us to customer demand, to improve the quality of service offered to passengers.

When finalizing, coming soon, new automatic document control check shall be provided, which are surely reducing considerably the waiting time at passport control.


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