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Costa Blanca beach to become smoke free

A BEACH located between the Club Nautico de Lo Pagan and the children’s park is the latest to become a ‘smoke free’ beach.

The initiative, which began in hospitals, is now looking to extend to beaches and sports centres across the country.

At this stage, the smoke-free beaches are only at the pilot stage and as such police won’t be able to enforce the regulation and hand out any fines as smoking is not prohibited in law in these areas.

However, a number of posters will be prominently placed to show the effects of tobacco which is estimated to result in 3,000 deaths in the Murcia region alone.

According to the Ministry of Health, the sponsors of the scheme, more public spaces must encourage a healthier environment that can only benefit the population in the longer term.

Murcia’s Minister of Health, Manuel Villegas, said, “Just as there are beaches for naturists and animals, why can’t we have beaches without smoke.

“We should have them for everyone, but especially for children who don’t want to be digging up cigarette butts as they play with their toys in the sand.”

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