Costa Blanca hospital to instal pipe network


THE Ministry of Health will shortly be modernising the delivery system in the Vega Baja Hospital by installing a network of pipes which will send samples directly to the laboratories.

The pneumatic transportation system – often seen in a number of local supermarkets and in department stores many generations ago – will replace the current method of the samples, medication and certain documents being transferred between departments on foot.

The initiative will cost €66,500 and the system will reach from one end of the Vega Baja Hospital to the other.

This system, which already works in most modern hospitals, will be implemented in two phases with the first beginning in the next few weeks.

It will be installed by Oppent Instalaciones SL who secured the contract after the usual tendering process.

Speaking to the Spanish media, Director of Nursing at the Vega Baja Hospital, Francisco Garcia Gomez, said: “Thanks to this new system, the results from the subsequent tests can be obtained quicker.

“It will also allow other members of staff to concentrate on other important work rather than be walking around the hospital delivering the items.”

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