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Elderly Costa Blanca woman lay dead ‘for seven months’ before being found

AN 86-year-old woman has been found dead in her Elche home in an advanced state of decomposition.

According to the emergency service, she is believed to have been dead for almost seven months.

The alarm was raised by some of the woman’s neighbours who hadn’t seen her around for some time.  In fact, it was last October when she had to be rescued by the fire service after suffering a fall in her house, and they didn’t recall seeing much of her after she returned from hospital.

When the Local Police arrived at the scene, witnesses say they acted in such a way to suggest not all was well and were reacting to a strong stench coming from the property.  However, without any formal contact from a family member of someone else close to them, they couldn’t gain access.  It was when the woman’s daughter was contacted by a neighbour that the woman’s body was eventually discovered lying on a bed.

This case is almost a mirror image of another in Valencia a few days earlier when a mummified corpse of a woman was found, believed to have been dead for four years.

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