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Estepona to host largest outdoor wine tasting event

ESTEPONA will host the largest outdoor wine tasting event in Spain next month.

The town is looking to make a name for itself in the wine industry and is to hold the festivities on July 13 and 14 in the Plaza del Reloj.

The Director of the company Take a Wine, Anselmo Fernandez Vizcaino, explained that the objective is “to publicise the Rioja wine culture in a wonderful environment like the Old Town.”

Two days of wine tasting are planned for a combined total of 400 people, accompanied by live musical performances by the Chamber Quartet of the Garcia Fajer Foundation.

Mayor Jose Maria Garcia Urbano praised the gastronomic development of the town, with the renovation of the centre and the emergence of a variety of new restaurants.

Mr Garcia Urbano emphasised that the wine tasting event will enable people to discover new wines that are limited editions and normally not available.

Winemakers at the event will also offer descriptions of their wines, for those who are not necessarily well versed in them.

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