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FIRE BAN: No barbecues allowed near forests in Andalucia this summer

THE Councillor for the Environment of the Municipality of Mijas, Juan Antonio Carrasco has announced that from yesterday (Friday) the burning of stubble and lighting of barbecues in forest area is banned.

This ban, which is in accordance with the relevant laws concerning the prevention and fight against forest fires will be in place until October 15 and as it gets hotter, so the risk of fire gets higher.

This is particularly noticeable this year, as the large volume of rainfall means that the forests have grown even more densely than usual and the council is appealing to residents and visitors to be particularly responsible during the summer.

Certain public barbecues in potentially vulnerable areas will be sealed and because they are in areas where local people often like to cook, it is intended to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about what may or may not be done.

One positive piece of news is that Los Olivos Park is considered to be an urban area and therefore there is no restriction on the use of barbecues there, although there may be some queues of people wanting to use them.

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