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Five-year-old saved from drowning in Costa Blanca pool

A lifeguard and two Local Police officers are being held up as heroes after saving the life of a five-year-old boy who almost drowned in a public swimming pool.

The incident happened in Dolores just before 7pm on Saturday evening when the boy, in the pool with his parents, suddenly disappeared from view under the water.  Fast work from the lifeguard on duty grabbed the child from out of the pool and with the help of a local nurse – also on duty in the first-aid station – performed a series of CPR procedures on the unconscious boy.

The resuscitation continued once the Local Police arrived and it took more than three minutes to get the boy to show any signs of life, at which point he brought up the water he’d swallowed and began to breathe again, albeit with some difficulty at first.

Such was the seriousness of his condition at first, a helicopter was put on standby, but paramedics eventually decided to immediately take him to the Vega Baja Hospital instead…from where he was transferred to the ICU of the Alicante General Hospital.  He was out of danger within a few hours and kept in for observation.

The boy’s father was also admitted to the Vega Baja Hospital following what was understood to be an angina attack brought on by the stress of his son’s experiences.

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