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Fuengirola to receive ‘Platinum Broom’ award for clean streets

FUENGIROLA has been chosen to receive the ‘Platinum Broom’ award from by the Technical Association for the Management of Waste and Environment (ATEGRUS), for the third time.

This is the highest accolade for cleanliness that any community can receive and various towns are reviewed every two years.

Mayor of Fuengirola Ana Mula who recently confirmed that the town had cleared all of its debts thanked all of the staff in the cleansing department as well as local residents for their hard work in ensuring that the area is always spick and span.

This award recognises the fact that so many waste containers have been buried underground and where above ground are being decorated with attractive images which enhance the general image of the town and have resulted in a reduction of rubbish deposited in the street.

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