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GROOM AND BUST: Benidorm stag party travel 300km the WRONG WAY in taxi

A SCOTTISH stag do on the Costa Blanca went amiss after 12 revellers travelled more than 300 kilometres in a taxi before being dumped on an industrial estate.

The men from Bishopbriggs, Glasgow, booked a day playing FootGolf in Alicante as part of their weekend in the sun. Best man Jack Gordon, 25, booked the game for groom-to-be Ryan Murdoch and 10 other pals.

But the group got more than they bargained for after hailing a cab on the Benidorm strip. “I thought FootGolf would be a good thing to do,” Jack said.

“The complex in Alicante is 40 minutes in a taxi tops from Benidorm.” Ryan and some of the other men had already jumped in the first taxi and were on the road, leaving Jack, Ross Campbell, David Storie and Drew Patterson in the second.

“We quickly realised that the woman driving our taxi, who couldn’t speak any English, wasn’t following the car in front,” Jack continued.

“She took a wrong turn so we thought she’d get back on track. “An hour passed by and we knew something was up.”

The driver stopped several times on the hard shoulder, made U-turns and shouted at Drew’s sat nav mobile telephone app.

“After a while we noticed that she was following signs to Madrid,” Jack said. “Time went by and we knew we were closer and closer to Madrid.”

At that point the lads decided to record their adventure on their phones, and later posted the footage online.

“We’re in the f*****g outback,” Drew is heard to say in the passenger seat.

“We’re in the middle of nowhere.

“Why is it everything we need to do man just cannae go right?”

Jack added: “You don’t need to go travelling next year Drew.

“You’ve saved a fortune mate.

“You’ve seen it all.”

Drew later said: “We’ve seen half of Spain for €100.

“What a f*****g bargain.”

After ditching the taxi on an industrial estate somewhere between Alicante and Madrid they called another cab which took them to the FootGolf centre.

The caper came after fellow reveller Colin was hospitalised after slicing open his foot while trying to climb into their hotel fridge.

And after arriving at FootGolf the party ended up being chased around the complex by a golf cart with member of staff Miguel at the wheel.

Photos show stag Ryan, 25, arriving to Benidorm in a giant pink baby costume, before being dared to switch outfits with a ‘looky looky’ street vendor as open-mouthed holidaymakers looked on.

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