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‘Hit-and-run’ driver who left 10-year-old in serious condition detained in Costa Blanca

A TEN-year-old boy was left in a serious condition after being hit by a car in Alicante.

At first, the 24-year-old driver fled the scene without stopping after the accident but was later found by the Local Police and arrested.

He was subsequently tested for alcohol and drugs and was found to have consumed the latter.

The driver appeared in court the following day where it was decided he would have his driving licence withdrawn.

Further legal proceedings – including potentially being held in custody – were dependant on the continuing condition of the child victim as he recovers in the Intensive Care Unit of the Alicante General Hospital.

Despite being released at this stage, the driver fears reprisals from the boy’s family and therefore, according to a report in the Spanish media, is apparently not at his home and may have temporarily left Alicante altogether.

The incident happened in the Juan XXIII neighbourhood of the city when the car turned left at a junction, hitting a bollard and at the same time running over the child who was on a zebra crossing at the time with his small scooter.

A witness in a car coming in the opposite direction and had stopped at the zebra crossing at the time of the accident said that the hit-and-run driver appeared to think of stopping after the impact but soon sped off.

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