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Hospital gets €1.4 million bed bonanza

THE Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella is currently in the process of replacing the furniture in all its wards, including electrically operated beds, armchairs and tables.

The project is costing €1.4 million and the old items will be recycled.

It began at the end of May and is expected to be completed soon, but has not affected the normal working of the hospital.

Ana Isabel Gonzalez, provincial delegate for Equality, Health and Social Policies, said:

“The new equipment offers more comfort, safety and mobility in the rooms for patients and their families, and also for the hospital staff.

“The result will be a considerable improvement for everyone.”

The new beds can be adjusted to a variety of positions, making it easier for doctors and nurses to carry out operations and treatments.

Hospital managers are training staff on how to move and operate the new furniture, and have also produced explanatory videos which can be watched by patients on the TVs in their rooms.


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