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Irish hitman to be sentenced for Mijas murder

A DETAINEE is to be sentenced today on the charge of shooting dead a man in Mijas, as part of an ongoing feud between two criminal groups.

According to the prosecution’s findings, the defendant, an Irish man, entered a residential area carrying two weapons, and waited for the victim (also Irish) in a parking lot.

When the man arrived and approached his vehicle, the suspect, who had put on a ski mask to disguise himself, reportedly rushed up to him and began firing.

The victim then tried to flee the scene but his assailant shot him 15 times, included two shots at close range to the head.

The defendant was then picked up by a waiting car, which was later set on fire in an attempt to destroy evidence.

He is believed to be part of an international criminal organisation that was involved in drug trafficking, and lived a luxurious lifestyle.

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