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Man arrested in Costa Blanca for not returning Madrid rental car

A man has been arrested in Elche after taking a hire car and not returning it for two weeks.

He was detained in a hotel in the city and the car was subsequently handed back by the man’s family after becoming aware that the National Police were looking for it.

The man originally hired the car at the Atocha train station in Madrid from a reputable car hire company but failed to take it back on the agreed date.

The company then reported the hirer to the police and a search and arrest warrant was issued against the man and the return of the vehicle.

Reports in the Spanish media state that when the police originally tried to find the car at the registered address, a cousin of the now-arrested man ended up returning the car some days later.

The delay was blamed on the man who had originally rented it having to travel urgently to his home country of Columbia.

However, the man was instead found in an Elche hotel some weeks later and arrested for the crime of misappropriation.

When he appears in court, it will try to establish whether there was a deliberate intention never to return the car or whether it’s simply a breach of contract.

Such cases are not isolated, with several similar incidents being reported from car hire firms operating in Elche, especially with almost all those being based at the Alicante-Elche Airport.

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