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Near miss for Ryanair flight to Costa Blanca

LAST Monday evening, Ryanair flight 8028 from Stansted to Murcia San Javier, was involved in what could have been a near miss incident.

The already delayed flight was about to touch down when the pilot applied full power and veered upwards from the runway, causing alarm amongst the passengers, with one woman having to be attended to.

The aircraft then circled to prepare for another landing where the passengers were informed by the captain that it was due to ‘traffic on the runway.’ One passenger exclusively spoke to RTN and commented that “after the incident if indeed a vehicle or aircraft had been positioned dangerously on the runway, then urgent questions should be asked.”

Whilst it is still very safe to travel around the world by aircraft, events such as this bring home the vulnerability of passengers who have no control over the activities of others.

It would appear that quick thinking on the part of the pilot averted what could have been a potentially life threatening event.

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3 Replies to “Near miss for Ryanair flight to Costa Blanca

  1. This incident is all part of pilot training, and actually happens more than one might think, and can happen for many different reasons. I feel there was lack of experience flying by air in the case of this nervous passenger. There was certainly never any danger involved. Infact it´s great for us pilots as it all adds towards more hour building and experience for any young pilot. A common cause for these ´Go arounds´ are often slow departing aircraft, and sometimes aircraft which have landed ahead and have still not cleared the runway.

  2. I came back from Rome on Ryanair a couple of months ago, the landing at Stansted was really very hard, and then we’d hardly slowed down when the pilot veered off onto the taxiway, it left most of the passengers pretty shocked!

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