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Plastic ‘ban’ for Costa Blanca beach

DON’T take anything plastic to the beach! 

That is the latest campaign launched by the Orihuela City Council on the eve of the influx of summer visitors to the area with the aim of keeping the beaches and the sea free of such items.

The awareness campaign has been set up by the Orihuela Department of Street Cleaning which includes responsibility for the state of the municipality’s beaches and is against the background often witnessed in the media of the high amounts of plastic pollution,

There are 16 kilometres of coastline controlled by Orihuela, with 11 of their beaches awarded the prestigious blue flags.  This makes them second on the list in Spain.

The main campaign gets underway on July 2 and goes on until July 8 with a series of games, events, workshops and entertainment that will teach the importance of recycling and the resulting dangers to the marine environment once plastic has been abandoned on beaches.

An estimated 500,000 million plastic bags are used annually across the world, with at least 8 million tons of material ending up in the oceans…the equivalent of unloading a rubbish truck every single minute.

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