JUICY FIND: Police find drugs hidden in pineapples at Costa Blanca airport

SECRET: Investigators alerted to suspicious packages. ©Guardia Civil

THE Guardia Civil and the Spanish Tax Agency have intercepted a shipment of drugs hidden in plaster figures.

The items were found during a search at the Alicante-Elche Airport when 180 grams of marihuana were discovered as part of a random inspection.

Officers were drawn to a small box that was destined for a northern European country, and as they opened the package found two small pineapple figures made from plaster and gold in colour.

But what at first appeared to be an innocent pair of objects ended up showing its hidden contents after going through an X-ray machine. More detailed examination showed the base appearing to be loose and when it was opened several dried flowers dropped out but they were only there to cover the strong and noticeable smell of marihuana that was inside sealed plastic bags.

The Guardia Civil is now investigating the sender of the shipment for alleged drug trafficking and are checking to see whether any more similar packages have been sent from the same source.

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