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Police seize 20,000 bottles of ‘fake’ wine on sale in Costa Blanca

GUARDIA CIVIL officers based in San Vicente del Raspeig are investigating two people in Elche, suspected of selling wine that was not suitable for drinking.

The couple, a 73-year-old man and a 51-year-old woman, both Spanish, are alleged to have stored and prepared for sale online a total of 20,000 bottles of wine that were discovered in an underground vehicle repair workshop.

The investigation was opened by the Guardia Civil following an individual complaint from someone who had purchased 10,000 bottles of wine from a well-known wine merchant in Yecla (Murcia).

It was when he opened a number of the bottles and began to taste them that the usual high quality wine was so bad that he decided to return them.

However, and according to a report in the Spanish media, he was only able to get back two-thirds of his €6,500 investment.

Analysis of the wine revealed that it didn’t come from the Murcia merchant and in addition to the poor taste there were also anomalies in the labelling, batch number etc.

Guardia Civil investigators were able to discover the identities of those allegedly behind the scam thanks to looking at the website from which the wine was sold, and ultimately led them to the storeroom in Elche which had no connection to the production of the product whatsoever.

Where the wine came from that filled the many thousands of bottles is still being investigated.

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