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Port in Marbella to begin dredging works

THE Port of Cabopino in Marbella has begun to dredge its banks to clear the way for the passage of large ships.

Approval has been granted for the long-awaited works to the mouth of the port, and the build-up of sand has been frustrating for the navy for a number of years.

Its activity through the waters had been constricted due to the narrowing of the channel, preventing the passage of larger vessels.

The dredging is expected to last between a week and ten days, and the sand that is extracted will be used to regenerate the nearby beach.

The navy itself is carrying out the works, but this is not the only marina with such problems.

La Bajadilla is also taking action, as its fishing fleet has been forced to dock at Estepona or La Caleta de Velez.

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