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Rubbish arsonist has ‘bin’ caught in Costa Blanca

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have arrested a 57-year-old Spanish national in Almoradi, believed to be the person behind a series of arson attacks on recycling bins over three consecutive days.

The resulting fires in the 21 bins also affected cars par

DEDICATION: All night searches pay off for Guardia Civil ©Guardia Civil

ked close by to some of the containers, causing more than €16,000 damage to them.

The arson attacks caused a great deal of worry among the local residents over the three days – June 11, 12 and 13 – with 14 containers being set alight on the first of the nights.

The man was eventually caught after dedication by the Guardia Civil almost beyond the call of duty.  From dusk to dawn for an entire week after the incidents, they patrolled the urban area of Almoradi, during which they interviewed business and their customers that were open at those times.  These included late-night bars and bakeries in an attempt to find witnesses.  In addition, they viewed all the available footage from security cameras in the affected areas.

The hard work paid off as they focused their attention on one man they had seen wandering the streets for several nights and fitted the description from witnesses.

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