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Support mounts for pedestrian street in Denia

ACCORDING to a recently undertaken local survey, 60 per cent of the residents of Denia have asked for the Carrer de Marques de Campo to be made a pedestrian area.

That support drops slightly to 56 per cent among the businesspeople operating in the main commercial area.

The plan would be to slowly close off the road to traffic little-by-little, adding to the times that it is already closed such as weekends, holidays and during the summer evenings.

Councillors Maria Josep Ripoll and Rafa Carrio announced the result of the survey earlier this week and presented an artist’s impression of what the area would like once it has been finally closed and renovated.

One of the conditions of those that supported the pedestrianisation plans (84 per cent of local people and 94 per cent of business owners) was that the work should only take place once alternative car parking areas were available.

Not everyone was happy at the proposals, with some local opposition politicians predicting that the area will ‘die during the winter months.’

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