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Ten treated after vapour leak in Costa Blanca

TEN people have been treated from the effects of a leakage of non-toxic steam from an industrial complex in Cartagena.

The incident happened at 11am this morning (Tuesday) when a pipe ruptured in the Repsol refinery in the Escombreras neighbourhood, and the leak took around 90 minutes to be repaired.

Those slightly injured by the blast of water vapour were treated by the medical staff at the refinery and none needed hospital treatment.

Even though the steam was non-toxic as declared by Repsol as soon as the incident unfolded, local people were advised to stay indoors until the all-clear was given and to close all windows and doors

Mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belen Castejon, immediately contacted the refinery’s director as soon as she became aware of what happened and offered any help and assistance.

Local Police, firefighters and environmental protection officers were deployed to the scene and it’s understood that the leak was brought under control by the gradual closing down of a valve.

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