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The bells, the bells… are silent in La Mata

THE bells are no longer ringing out over La Mata.

Torrevieja City Council has formally ordered that they stop ringing from the Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church in the town square for breaking noise levels.

The bells aren’t real…they ‘ring’ out from a set of loud-speakers installed in the tower that have caused a combination of annoyance and pleasure to local people for a number of years.  The pastor of the church has now been instructed to install a sound limiter before the peeling can be heard again.

Local Police officers were sent to the area some weeks ago to carry out a series of sound measurement tests after a number of complaints suggesting that decibel levels were being breached.  Once a sound limiter is installed, the bells will be allowed to ring once more… but not until they’ve passed the limits as set down in law.

Some of the complaints go back as far as 2005, particularly from a family from Madrid who have a holiday apartment close to the town square and, according to a report in the Spanish media have had no action taken… until now.

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2 Replies to “The bells, the bells… are silent in La Mata

    1. Nope, they ring all day and all night every 15 min and have done so since i was first there in 1989/90. They’re also set at a pretty high volume, as its a recording not actual bells.
      I have to say though, after nearly 30 years I quite like and have accustomed to the rendition of “Three blind mice” (thats what the bells sounded like, the first three bars of that song on repeat) I will not miss that sound ALL day and ALL night! 🙂

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