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BOAR WARS: Wild beasts causing havoc on the Costa del Sol

WILD boars have been discovered on the loose in the Costa del Sol much to the surprise of local residents.

The animals have been causing damage wherever they have roamed, including golf courses, but groups of them are also being found across southern Spain’s urban areas including Calahonda, Mijas.

The council has issued an emergency warning in the provinces of Cadiz, Cordoba, Huelva, Jaen, Malaga and Sevilla, about possible dangers to the livestock, agriculture, and the urban environment.

There is also a temporary hunting order, aimed at “controlling and eradicating” the pigs, but those that are killed or captured can only be used for self-consumption when they have been subjected to all the sanitary controls.

It is believed that the continued sweltering conditions with little rainfall has driven the animals to approach residential areas.

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