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Brexit an important decision for Spain

OF major importance to those towns near to Gibraltar is the situation with regards to Brexit and freedom of passage as well as work opportunities.

It is a fact that in the Campo de Gibraltar, the Rock employs the second largest number of Spaniards in the area after the Junta de Andalucia and many expatriates who work in Gibraltar actually commute from Alcaidesa and Sotogrande.

The San Roque Council which has a particular interest as it covers a large part of the catchment area for Spanish workers in Gibraltar recently held an inaugural conference “Gibraltar, European external border. Negotiating Brexit and its consequences” chaired by retired Ambassador Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barnuevo.

Yáñez-Barnuevo stressed that “Brexit is a very complicated operation for Europe, the United Kingdom and for our country as well. But also for Gibraltar and its environment presents particular challenges and have potentially very important consequences. Not enough is being done to allow us to be aware and be able to adequately address all the challenges and opportunities that will arise.”

He pointed out that “Brexit has come at a time when we do not have a frame of reference to talk about, to deepen the problems that will arise and to try to address them and solve them. In earlier times we had mechanisms that worked as channels of negotiation between the United Kingdom and Spain and, also consultation, the Gibraltarians and Campo de Gibraltar, on all these issues. Sadly, these mechanisms have not existed since 2012. ”

Also present at the seminar were various councillors and local dignitaries as well as the special delegate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation for the Campo de Gibraltar, Fernando Morán Calvo-Sotelo.

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