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Clint Eastwood may attend San Javier Jazz Festival

CLINT EASTWOODS’ attendance at the 2018 San Javier Jazz Festival could be worth a fist full of dollars in world-wide publicity!

Major Hollywood star Eastwood is a big fan of jazz – and could be in Murcia to watch son Kyle on July 25 at this year’s showpiece.

“My parents gave me my taste in music – and my love for jazz,” said Kyle, who is appearing at the San Javier Jazz Festival for the first time.

The Kyle Eastwood Quartet gigs have seen Clint Eastwood in attendance – and talk of the iconic figure could be in town are apace in Murcia.

Kyle, who took steps to follow his father into the movies as an actor, said: “My father was very supportive of me.”

Influenced by major artistes, including jazz star Dizzy Gillespie, Kyle has produced multiple albums, releasing the album From There to Here in 1998.

Kyle, 50, born in Los Angeles, who released The View From Here in 2013, was influenced by father Clint, who released jazz album Eastwood After Hours in 1997.

Kyle studied film, before turning to a music career, having been composer and arranger of Clint Eastwood movie sound tracks Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby and Grand Torino, among others.

Clint Eastwood was on location at ‘Mini Hollywood’ in Almeria, located in the desert of Tabernas, the only desert in Almeria.

The 1966 movie The Good, Bad and The Ugly was filmed near Burgos, northern Spain.

A scene filmed at the Sad Hill Cemetery features stars Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Elli Wallach, who had a three way duel in the cemetery – over gold buried in a grave.

Clint Eastwood is a pianist and composer, alongside being an actor, director and film producer.

A Ragtime pianist in 1959 Clint Eastwood produced the album Cowboy Favorites.

Clint Eastwood’s attendance at the San Javier Jazz Festival would be a major publicity coup for Spain – worthy of a fist full of dollars – bringing world-wide coverage.

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