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Costa Blanca gets a taste of the future with robotics and programming course

FOR the past two weeks, a number of young people in l’Alfas del Pi have been taking part in child robotics course at the Centre of Occupational Training (CFO) in the town.

Organised by the council, the course was put into place in order to give the youngsters an opportunity learn technology in a fun way, which allowed them to make a robot that, they could then take home.

Council representatives Dolores Albero, and Toni Such, visited the CFO to formally close the course and to discuss with the boys and girls their views on what they had achieved during the past two weeks.

Educational robotics presents technology to children in a fun way, hopefully encouraging them to consider becoming future scientists, engineers and programmers.

Two workshops were developed in l’Alfas, for boys and girls between the ages of six and nine and another for children aged between 10 and 14 years, have been led by Professor Claudio Orts Canales.

“Robotics and programming are tools that above all help them to work on problem solving and abstract thinking, since they have to imagine the result before they start,” said Albero.

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