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Costa Blanca locals to benefit from council surplus

ELCHE’S City Council will be allocating €4.3 million to improve access roads, street lighting and sport area in the municipality.

In announcing the policy, Mayor Carlos Gonzalez paid tribute to the new PSOE Government of Pedro Sanchez to allow extra investment in such projects rather that to pay off debt from the 2017 budget surplus as was previously envisaged.

“This has been a long battle within a number of municipalities and not just in Elche,” said Gonzalez. “We asked the previous PP administration led by Mariano Rajoy a number of times to make it possible to spend any surplus in this way.”

According to a report in the Spanish media, over recent years, Elche has had to give central government up to €16 million from budget surpluses rather than use that cash on benefitting the local population.

“It’s a very positive decision for Elche, and it’s all thanks to the changes introduced by Pedro Sanchez and the PSOE,” conclued Mayor Gonzalez.

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