DIVE, DIVE DIVE! New submarine doesn’t fit into dock in Spain

EXPANSION: Cartagena base needs to be enlarged to fit the S-80 sub. Photo Credit: Pinterest

A NEW Spanish high-tech submarine doesn’t fit in its new dock in Cartagena.

The S-80Plus has not been the luckiest of projects for the Spanish Navy.

First of all, back in 2013, it was too heavy by more than 125 tons and there were fears that while it would be able to submerge, it might not be able to float to the surface and stay there.

Therefore, decisions were taken for a redesign and increase the submarine’s length by an extra 10 metres – to 81 metres.

But someone who came up with the redesign didn’t take into account the length of the naval base in Cartagena… a mere 78 metres.

Now, the Ministry of Defence will be forced to dredge and expand the docks at an estimated cost of €16 million.

Added to the initial budget of €2.1 billion for the S-80Plus project, the four submarines will now cost a total of €3.9 billion and that doesn’t include the new dock construction.

According to a report in the Spanish media, it is alleged that the original weight issue had been due to “someone putting a decimal point in the wrong place” and the calculations weren’t double-checked.

Speaking on Spanish radio, Minister for Defence, Margarita Robles admitted that “there have been deficiencies in the project.”

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