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EXCLUSIVE: Five arrested after Costa Blanca bus drugs bust

THE specialist dog team of the Local Police in Alicante had more success than they anticipated last night (Monday) when a number of people suspected of carrying narcotics were caught.

Out of 40 passengers on the service that links Algeciras and Barcelona – a well-known route for drug trafficking – six were asked to leave the bus after a German shepherd with its handler sniffed them out either on board or their luggage in the hold.

Two of the couples, when questioned publicly on the coach admitted that they had hashish and marijuana with them.  A fifth person was asked to get off after the luggage hold was searched and greeted by loud barking… an offending rucksack was found.

One of the six was allowed to return after a search and the passengers on board were permitted to continue their journey after a 20-minute delay.

The remaining five suspected offenders were questioned and detained by the Local Police.

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