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Commanders under fire on Costa Blanca for World Cup riot police order

DEMANDS have been made that those responsible for ordering the riot police attack in Benidorm during the World Cup be relieved of their post.

The Provincial Committee of the Unified Police Union (SUP) have called for those who co-ordinated the disastrous events seen in Calle Gerona to be removed.

The attack by the officers on the afternoon of Saturday July 7 quarter-final game, saw England football fans and tourists being charged at by riot police, with one particular image – that of a father being hit with a baton whilst he carried his child on his shoulders – being broadcast internationally.

The semi-final game was policed in a completely different manner.

Specially trained teams officers took to the streets before the game, offering advice to business owners about safety and avoiding selling drinks which were in glass containers.

This calmer approach by the police resulted in the fans having a good time and no major incidents were recorded.

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