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Jellyfish return to plague the Costa del Sol

A SWARM of jellyfish came back to cause panic on the Costa del Sol on Sunday.

Although it was a smaller group than the one which infested the Malaga coast in mid-June, there was still a significant presence of “pelagia noctiluca” found near Marbella.

Council workers were called in to remove the jellyfish from the sea as thoroughly as possible.

A yellow flag rose on beaches across the coastline as a preventative measure but biologist Jesus Bellido has indicated that with the change of winds and tides expected, the jelly menace should move on.

The mobile application Infomedusa advises those who suffer beach stings to not scratch or rub the affected area, remove any remains of the jellyfish, wash it with seawater and disinfect the wound.

In cases of nausea, vomiting, dizziness and muscle cramps, the public are advised to go to the nearest hospital.

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3 Replies to “Jellyfish return to plague the Costa del Sol

  1. Lots of jellyfish, mauve stingers in the last week (10/08/18) along to cost from mijas to manilva. Strong winds so you cant see them amoungst the stirred up sand. One boat at estepona collecting them up

  2. Today the 5th of August the Marbella coats waters are still infested with yellyfish it’s come to a point you just can’t go in the water some days already got stung twice in 10 days, there’s no warning at all on the beach or from the council sometimes I wonder if Marbella is still the place to spend our holidays since it didn’t got cleaner or more friendly over the years… too bad really

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