Mail box madness will affect several Costa Blanca residences

Spanish mailboxes can be confusing Credit: Mobus 7 Shutterstock

FOLLOWING representations from the Calpe Council, the Spanish Post Office (Correos) has agreed to continue delivering mail to urbanisations that do not have individual mailboxes for the time being.

Mail will not be held up if the boxes haven’t been instilled before November 5 in order to give residents time to make the necessary arrangement.

One of the reasons for the request is because of a change in the law on public procurement that has in part delayed the deadlines for the installation of new mailboxes.

This new postponement will affect the Sol, Los Pinos, Carrió, Costeres, Pinarmar, Empedrola I, Empedrola II, Vallesa, La Merced, Corralets, Carrió Alto, Caleta, Gran Sol, Buenavista, Comet III, Bassetes and Ortenbach developments.

Other urbanisations that have need to install mailboxes remain within the delivery cut off  term of September 3, since it is expected that the works will be completed before that date and this covers the Marisol Park, Los Almendros, Cucarres and Maryvilla urbanisations.

Ironically in Costa del Sol, particularly in Estepona, the Correos will no longer deliver to group urbanisation mail boxes as it did in the past but now expects each individual property to have its own mail box mounted outside the house and will start delivering house by house.

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