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Marbella, City of Plenty

LOCATED along the Mediterranean shores, the cosmopolitan city of Marbella, more popularly referred to as “Europe’s favourite playground” has become a haven for tourism over the years.

In just over five decades, the multi-cultural city has been transformed from a small fishing and farming village into an internationally acclaimed resort town with over 250,000 inhabitants and 10 million visitors per annum.

Marbella’s history is full of enriched and ancient culture. believed to date back as far as Paleolithic and Neolithic times. The first remnants of colonial life appear to be in 218 BC when it was conquered by the Romans who named the town Salduba, meaning Salt City.

Remains from this era can still be seen in various parts of the municipality. After a period of time under rule of the Moors who gave it the name Marbal·la, the town was reconquered by Spain in the 13th century and has remained part of the Spanish constitution ever since.

The most significant “recens precipium” began in 1946 when German aristocrat ,Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg broke down in his Rolls Royce whilst driving through Marbella.  He instantly fell in love with the area and purchased a Finca called Santa Margarita, which he developed into the five-star resort Marbella Club, frequented by members of European aristocratic families and the worlds rich and famous and thus Marbella had stamped its name on the elite’s social map.

Even today, his cousin, Count Rudolf Graf von Schönberg (better known as Count Rudi) is still personally involved in the day to day running of Marbella Club, keeping the heritage of the 1970s alive.

Sheltered by the Sierra Blanca mountains, Marbella’s micro climate enables the sun to shine 320 days a year allowing year-round tourism as well as a residential infrastructure unlike any other coastal town in Europe.

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