Marbella council signs agreement for pet identification

PET PROJECT: The agreement is good news for the welfare of pets ©Ayuntamiento de Marbella

MARBELLA COUNCIL has signed an agreement with the College of Veterinarians of Malaga, which will pave the way for the identification and location of more than 50,000 pets.

The deal was signed by mayor Angeles Muñoz and the president of the college, Antonia Villalba, and will ensure that the medical history of pets is recorded far more efficiently.

Ms Muñoz said that she could not be more satisfied with the agreement, and that although the contract was only for ten months, she intended to make it permanent.

There are currently 43,500 dogs registered in the city, 7,500 cats and 500 other pets, all of which are logged with the Andalucian Registry of Animal Identification.

The council will now be able to access the data, and is confident that animal welfare in the city will be improved as a result.

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