Maritime police battle strong currents in Tabarca Island rescue mission

STRANDED: Strong wind strands three boats Photo credit: Pixabay

TWO people needed to be rescued by the maritime branch of the Alicante Local Police after they became stranded on their boats on the island of Tabarca.

The events happened around 1pm Tuesday lunchtime when very strong gusts of wind resulted in the three vessels getting into difficulties near to the shore.

Police officers that continually provide surveillance services on the island were alerted to the plight of the boats and began the rescue operation, which initially included cordoning off the area to swimmers for three hours.

They began to tow two of the affected boats and left the third – measuring 12 metres long – for the following day.  However, in the meantime they emergency services rescued two people believed to be aged 70 from inside the third boat.

Overall, the towing and the rescue manoeuvres carried out by the Local Police lasted for more than two hours.

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