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New online book from Costa Women

THE organisation Costa Women has just released an online new book about living in Spain aimed at women.  

Spain & Me is the second book in a series of free e-books sharing stories and advice from members of the web group who have followed their dream and moved to Spain.

It is has been compiled and edited by Ali Meehan, founder of Costa Women, written by Costa Women members giving advice on a range of different topics.

Regarding the release of this book, Ali said “Possibly the most asked and answered question between foreigners is ‘what is life really like if you live in Spain?’  And because changing countries is no small matter, the answers are often the most amazing and well rehearsed, many worthy of a book, or film alone.

“Having read over 7,000 of these answers on the Costa Women profiles and met so many in person, I realise that the time of moving here can be planned or accidental, life defining, traumatic (at times) and definitely unforgettable.”

Costa Women have used their experience and knowledge of life in Spain to create this insightful book, clearly a work of ‘living memory’ that tells their story in a way which will hopefully be helpful to others.

The 14 chapters cover topics such as starting a business, life of a digital nomad, living off-grid as well as giving birth in Spain and coping with death of a family member.

You can meet all of the authors at, a free website for women living in, or thinking about moving to Spain and also discover regular meetings where you can get to know others in your area.

Both books can be obtained free at

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