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Orange Square, Marbella, Costa del Sol

THE main square in Marbella’s old town is home to the illustrious building used by the Town Hall.

Splendid constructions dating back to the 15th Century line the periphery, while bustling restaurants and bars popular with tourists and residents are dotted amongst the orange trees in the middle.

Located within easy access to the main street and with a selection of top designer shops in the close vicinity, it is hardly surprising that a quick visit to the square results in visitors needing to relax over a leisurely lunch before returning to their cars laden with shopping bags.

Historians amongst us will undoubtedly be more interested in visiting the Chapel of Santiago, the first Christian Church to be built in Marbella or admire commemorative stone inscriptions dating back from the June 11, 1485 when the town was re-conquered from the Moors.

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