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Parking brochure released to help deal with Benidorm traffic woes

A BROCHURE, detailing where to park around Benidorm, has been produced to help alleviate traffic congestion.

During the summer months the resort becomes saturated with vehicles, driving round and round the crowded streets seeking a free parking spot and occasionally resulting in two or more cars battling over one space.

It is hoped the new measures will encourage drivers to look further afield, to one of the 29 zones offering more than 3,800 free spaces.

The initiative will highlight areas such as the train station in the old town, and bus station in the new town, as ideal locations to leave a vehicle without incurring charges.

Councillor José Ramón González de Zárate stated that, in addition to the brochure, signs will highlight the free areas.  He said: “It is hoped to avoid the saturation of parking that currently occurs in the town, enabling residents to park near their homes and work vehicles to have better access.”

The information will be available throughout July and will provide users with the number of spaces available at each location and where the nearest public transport stops are.

The councillor said:  “Although most of the zones are very close to public transport stops we have also been in discussion with Llorente Bus to establish new routes which will help to improve the parking service.”

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