Prepare for a heat wave over the next few days on the Costa Blanca

Use plenty of protection if spending time in the sun Credit: BlueOrange Studio Shutterstock

EXPERTS at the University of Alicante have released a statement warning residents and visitors of an expected heat wave which will hit a great deal of Spain during the next few days.

Much of Alicante Province can expect daily temperatures to hit at least 40 degrees during the day and at night they will be unlikely to drop below 25 degrees which will be made worse on the coast due to humidity from the sea.

There may be an east wind in some parts of the province which could mitigate the heat but in some inland areas there are fears that temperatures could even rise to 44 to 45 degrees and records may be broken.

People are advised to try to keep out of the worst of the heat during the day, keep hydrated and ensure that animals are properly looked after, bearing in mind that pavements may burn dog’s paws and that no animal should be left in a car in the sun for any length of time.

If you are going to visit the beach with children, do ensure that everyone is properly protected with sunscreen.

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