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Roadworks holding back businesses

Businesses in Denia united

BUSINESS owners in Calle la Mar were told in March that works lasting until end of June would start in April

Nothing happened and so a group of them spoke to the Town Hall and were given no clear start/finish date but it was made clear that works would continue all through high season. They strongly objected to this and since then the Mayor and the department responsible have not been available discuss the issue according to the group.

They claim that the works started at least six weeks late in May and within a short period the excavations showed a number of possibly illegal drainage situations where properties in the street were found not to be connected to the main drainage system.

Work was stopped for three weeks and has only just restarted. The drainage issue has also to be resolved before the project can be completed – as it stands nobody from the town hall has been able to say when everything will be finished.

The business owners group is upset about what they claim to be a lack of communication/transparency from the Town Hall but more seriously the disruption to summer trade.

The group say that it is not against the works, solely the timing of them as it will result in massive loss of revenue that cannot be recovered later in the year.

A peaceful public protest took place last Friday but no representative of the council appeared to be available to meet with them but later issued a press release denying that there was a problem and blaming the Partido Popular (PP) for organising what it considered to be a political demonstration against the ruling PSOE/Compromis coalition.

Those taking part did include representatives of the PP and Ciudadanos parties and the reason that they all carried umbrellas was not to shade them from the sun, but as an expression against the deluge of work being undertaken at what they consider to be the worst time commercially.

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