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Stag and hen parties disrupt lives of Costa del Sol residents

GROUPS of young people arriving on the Costa del Sol for stag and hen party weekends are disrupting the lives of residents by their anti-social behaviour.

The coast has become a favourite choice of destination for these weekends but already several towns and cities including Granada, Sevilla and Marbella have introduced restrictions to discourage this type of tourism.

Marbella Town Hall is introducing new bylaws in an effort to regain the exclusive image of the town. These include laws to impose a strict dress code, preventing semi-nudism in public places. Bikinis and swimwear to only be worn on the beaches or at swimming pools and men must wear a t-shirt or other top.

It will be forbidden to carry sex dolls or sex toys in public places and t-shirts with a symbol featuring intimate parts of the body will also be disallowed.

Fines of up to €750 will be imposed for anyone not complying with these regulations.

These restrictions will be enforced in all areas of the popular holiday resort including the upmarket area of Puerto Banus.

Residents of Malaga City have formed an association in order to put pressure on the relevant authorities in the city, to also take action against the hooliganism and vandalism caused by this type of tourist.

Javier Frutos, president of the hoteliers association said, “This is not the image we want and for this reason, many restaurants are refusing to serve them, applying their right of admission.”

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