Why time is more valuable than gold?

UNLIKE gold, “time” is a depreciating asset.

The earlier we invest in time, the more valuable it is, each day its value decreases until it becomes of no use to us, we all eventually “run out of time”.

Of course we cannot really compare time to a tangible asset but the concept of doing so is an interesting one. The most valuable gift we can give is our time, as we’ll never get it back.

Those who are fortunate enough to find themselves with plenty of time will appreciate the wonders it can offer, allowing them to choose how to make good use of it, or sadly in many cases, not appreciate its value at all.

A colleague of mine once said to me that he was not looking forward to his family holiday because he was dreading having to return to work. He was denying himself the joyful happy moments that were approaching, his thoughts were too far in the future and of a negative nature.

There is so much emphasis on time and most of us feel we do not have enough of it. Time seems to fly by when we’re enjoying life and slows down when we’re not, there is also the perception that when we were young life seemed so slow and as we age time passes by so much quicker.

The way to really embrace and maximise time is to appreciate the present moment. Many of us are either dwelling on the past or worrying about the future which really is just a “waste of time”. Our sense of self is then defined and we are never living in the present moment which is all we have. If we are constantly looking to the future and treating the now as a means to an end, we can never truly appreciate life.

If the journey to achieve a goal in life is fraught with difficulties for you and others around you, the perception that a future event will bring us happiness is just that.

Most of our thoughts are the same we had the day before, this merely equates to living in the past and getting the same result in our life. Instead of living our lives in this habitual pattern, we can create our future by changing that pattern, and choose to be in the moment. If we can be consistent, we will see a change.

Remember that how we think and feel creates our current state of being.

I invite you not to look back with anger or resentment or forward in fear or worry. The only thing we have is the now.

If we ask ourselves, where are we? what time is it? The answer will always be, we are here. It is now.

We can be sure of our past but not our future so the phrase “there’s no time like the present” has profound meaning. It is called present for a reason, it is a gift, be grateful and embrace it.

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