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600 kilos of unprocessed octopus seized on the Costa Blanca

A RESTAURANT in Santa Pola had 604 kilos of unregistered octopus on its premises when visited by the Guardia Civil.

The previous week whilst on patrol, officers of the nature protection division of the Guardia Civil (SEPRONA) in conjunction with the Inspectorate of Maritime Fishing of the Generalitat spotted a number of fishing boats unloading catches from their vessels to one particular vehicle which drove off without any form of sanitary inspection.

Having followed the vehicle, officers discovered that it stopped at a restaurant where it transferred the octopus to the kitchen and when officers entered, they found that the freshly caught cephalopod was without any form of documentation concerning its origin or status.

They were then able to discover another building which contained large amounts of frozen octopus contained in three freezers which were also undocumented but were clearly being stockpiled for the summer trade.

The entire consignment of octopus, valued at an estimated €7,000 was seized and after undergoing health checks will be passed to local charity organisations if passed fit for consumption.

Officers now intend to check other restaurants to determine whether this is a one off occurrence.

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