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Air-con faults stress out patients and visitors at Costa Blanca hospital

HUNDREDS of patients attending the Alicante General Hospital have had to put up with the excesses of the current heatwave due to problems with the air-conditioning.

At one point before the system was worked on by engineers, around 20 patients ending up sweating in one of the hospital’s waiting rooms when the temperature registered 30.5ºC at 11am.

Others throughout the hospital are also understood to have suffered bouts of dizziness, with a number also being put at a higher risk of infections.

According to reports in the Spanish media, a significant number of visitors to the hospital have taken advantage of a Chinese supermarket opposite the Alicante General Hospital to buy a variety of fans.

One of the problems is the alleged age of the air-conditioning ducts that affect the distribution of the air.  In addition, the change in the levels of humidity can reduce the efficiency of the equipment by 25 per cent.

Until the faults are completely repaired, a number of portable air-conditioning units and fans are being deployed within the hospital.

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