BOMB SHELL: Live Civil War bomb found on the Costa del Sol

Guardia Civil Tedax division detonated the shell (file image) Credit: Guardia Civil

A CIVIL War shell caused a bang on San Pedro fairground when it was blown up by bomb disposal experts.

They had been called in when builders on a construction site in Guadalmina, Marbella, found what appeared to be a shell left over from Spain’s bloody civil war.

The explosive ordinance led to an emergency protocol being put in force that forced local roads to be closed.

The artifact was transferred to an isolated part of the town’s fairground, where bomb disposal experts from the Guardia Civil’s Tedax division and the fire department safely disposed of the shell by means of a controlled explosion.

The detonation took place at half past two in the afternoon. A blast mark of about 53 centimetres in length was left in the feria ground.

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