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BREXIT: YOU couldn't make it up.

YOU couldn’t make it up.

To see parliament tearing itself apart over Brexit was perhaps inevitable, as the right wing of the Tory government have, for over 40 years, been anti EU.  Successive Prime Ministers have found it impossible to control these xenophobic men and women.

Mrs May had no alternative but to put a plan that she could present to the EU, where parts of the plan would either be acceptable or for negotiation.

With the business world at last finding their voice, there is a lot at stake regarding the single market.  As for the customs union, any alternative could be a nightmare and I understand there are no real plans in hand regarding loads more customs officials and extra spaces (large).

And of course the press, as always, are having a field day.  Who on earth would want to be Prime Minister at this moment in time?  Never forgetting President Trump, who wants a hard Brexit for reasons of his own.

Over the last few months, I have read and listened to a number of people discussing the implications for the Expat in Spain, when a deal is finally resolved.  I asked myself a question – how do these people know how it will affect the Expats, when nobody who is involved even knows?

I do feel the advice they are giving is perhaps for their own commercial benefit and this is not right at all.  At the moment, all we can advise people that if they are considering moving to Spain, to do it now, as it is taking quite a long time for paperwork to be processed and I am sure it will be easier to do this now, rather than after Brexit, as I believe there will be certain amount of confusion and delays.

However, currently you require private healthcare if you are not entitled to the National Health Service.  This has to be taken out for a year and although people are cancelling at the end of the year, they are very unwise to do so, as it is very likely we will all be asked to submit all our paperwork when Brexit happens. In the meantime, you may have developed a pre-existing condition which will be excluded or moved into the next age bracket which will affect the premium.

Healthcare is required when applying for Residencia and the documentation has to be submitted to the authorities.  There are limited number of health insurance companies who have been approved and my company is able assist you here.

Some months ago I re-launched Expat Services and I am delighted to work with two very professional, long term, family businesses, who I assure you, are not there to frighten you but to offer very good legal and financial sound advice.

There is far more information on my website but if you are living in Spain, or thinking of moving to Spain, they are some very practical, straight forward questions, which you may be able to answer one or two but there will be those that you cannot.  As always, my team is there to offer good, honest, sound advice. Here are a few examples.

Do you know what your options are with your UK pension?  Are you taking advantage of your tax rights?  How much will you leave the tax man in the UK and Spain?  Have you your Residencia and documentation ready for Brexit?  Are your yearly tax returns in place and conform to Spain’s laws?  Is your family fully protected by your wills?

Please everyone, do not leave it until the last minute.  Some changes will happen and all we can do at the moment is ensure that we are as prepared as possible.

The process could take a number of months, and only cause you and your family extra stress.

When discussing your situation and future in Spain, another question to ask is, have you any concerns that if anything happened to you, your partner and family could find it difficult to pay for the funeral costs and inheritance tax, which is required very quickly.  My company can help you to alleviate those concerns.

I have two dedicated consultants, Anita in the Javea office and Katy in the southern offices, that specialise, not only in Bespoke Life insurance but mortgage protection and life insurance.  Sadly, accidents and illnesses do happen, just don´t leave your life to chance, it doesn´t work.

Buyer beware.  Despite what is being advertised, no insurance covers you for everything, especially on house insurance.  Even with the superior Liberty Seguros home policies, it cannot claim to cover you for everything, as it does not.  Do not be seduced by any verbal word or cheap price, always check your policy terms and conditions.

If you require a quotation or information, please visit my websites and or call one of my offices.

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