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BUILDING BOOST: 3,500 new homes coming to Mijas

MIJAS COUNCIL has approved the construction of 3,500 new homes in the area of Torreblanca del Sol.

Plans were initially put in place for 6,300 homes, but the figure was scaled back for density reasons.

Councillor for Urban Planning, Andres Ruiz, said: “We have a clear vision and model in the way we want to implement these projects, and we have reduced the number of homes as part of our commitment to sustainable building.”

Mr Ruiz added that an extensive green and recreational area would also be introduced, “for the enjoyment of our community who respect the environment.”

The construction of the new homes has a budget of €35.4 million, and 8,231 new parking places will be created, of which 2,671 are public.

An additional budget of nearly €200,000 has been agreed for social action, including grants for local associations.

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