Costa Blanca alcohol controls enforced

CLAMPDOWN: Plaza 25 de Mayo, a popular area for young drinkers Photo credit: C Quesada Wikimedia

ALICANTE’S Mayor, Luis Barcala, is leading the fight back against the problems of alcohol consumption among the city’s young people.

The issues are currently highlighted every Saturday night during this hot summer when hundreds of young people gather in the Plaza 25 de Mayo and illegal consume large amounts of alcohol…much of which is contained in plastic soft drink containers with the aim of hiding their true contents.

The crackdown by the authorities comes in response to a number of complaints and threats of legal action if the current practice isn’t brought under control.

Mayor Barcala said that the council, with the help of the Local Police, will carry out stricter controls as from September to ensure that by-laws in respect of drinking alcohol in the streets are observed.

A number of measures have been taken by governments of all colours in Alicante to stop this problem that exists close to the market square, but neighbours are still being disturbed by the revellers.

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